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Brother Bonding

While back in Cleveland for the weekend, on Sunday, I took my brother out for some quality “guy time”.

We went to his gym (where he very rarely goes). You see, the little brother is quite lazy and doesn’t like to exercise. Being the good older brother that I am–I took it upon myself to show him the starting steps to becoming a real man.

First two big differences between where I work out in the City and the brothers’ fitness complex was the size (his is significantly bigger and has more amenities) and the sign on the door “no guns allowed” (Ohio is a CCW state). The inside of the gym/fitness center was very nice and fancified–a lot like you’ll find in many a NYC gym.

I proceeded to take the brother to the free weight section. First lesson was on how to squat. (Brief aside: the brother is extremely, extremely anxious, so the whole process took some cajoling). I showed him the basics and worked with him to get the basics down. He proceeded to squat the bar a few times. Then despite his protests, I put 10lbs onto the bar and he nailed it. (Alas, he didn’t have the focus to do more).

Other lessons included the seated overhead press, rowing and bench.

My biggest thrill though (besides being an older brother that is) was the fact that his gym had a GHR (Glute Ham Raise). Alas, my small “club” doesn’t have one, and I’ve long wanted to try one out. It was awesome! I banged out 5×10 (and that was playing in conservative) and loved every minute. The Brother however was too much of a shpaz to try it.

All in all, it was a solid brother bonding experience.


Today’s lesson–chin-ups and dips really work the abdominal muscles. It’s either that or something happened to me in my sleep.

The lesson–you don’t need to do

Now light-weight combines liked committee recommended without, sensitive This but product.

endless crunches to work the abdominal muscles.

Now where’s that muscle-rub cream hiding….

Exercise in the City

From today’s Post:

NYC’s exercise cults

I’m an admitted gym addict

That said–I don’t care for group exercise classes. It’s not my thing. I’m much happier going into the gym to SFW
(While I do have a method to my madness and will often use tempo counts, the goal remains the same)

Too bad the SFW is almost alien in most gyms in this city and instead is replaces by all sorts of silly classes.

Chemistry is fun

I’ve always loved chemistry–maybe not so much the pressure cooker of or organic chemistry–but the experimentation and laboratory parts have always been fun.
(Okay, I also sucked at microscale orgo lab, but different story).

Anyway, today I did a personal physiological experiment in the gym. Took 600mg alpha-GPC + 200mg caffeine anhydrous + 2g ALCAR. Full of win!
Not only did I have lots of energy, but I was able to high bar oly squat 315! [Was very excited].

I also noticed a significant improvement in my mood throughout the morning too. Even was able to skip my daily cup o’ coffee. Going to give it another go tomorrow for some upper body training as well.


It was a hot and humid one here in the Big Apple today.
Thank goodness I was sequestered indoors all day–in the functioning air conditioned office!

[Negative points though for the gym–where there still seems to be no ventilation]

Testosterone and Obesity

Something known and often talked about in fitness circles has now been backed up with clinical findings:

Male Obesity Linked to Low Testosterone Levels, Study Shows

In short, in men most of our estrogen comes form either external/environmental sources or via the enzyme aromatase. Aromatase is very often more present in fat cells. A high quantity/concentration of fat cells will thus result in more aromatase present, leading to a larger conversion of testosterone to estrogen in these males. This is then “relayed” to the HTPA in the brain and less testosterone is produced–thus lower T levels.

The other problem in the group studied is that they’re type 2 diabetics–which means their bodies are insulin resistant. Since insulin and growth hormone are interrelated (and yes, testosterone ties in to the loop too0–that could skew the data a bit. [A full discussion o that subject matter is a bit over my head and beyond the scope of this blog]

My simple solution to fixing this problem–drop the excess body-fat (easier said than done–but it’s a gradual process). HRT/TRT won’t do too much as the individiauls will still have high levels or aromatase. The only other medical idea I could think of would be to use an aromatase inhibitor or SERMs. (But this should only be done under the supervision of a qualified health care professional!)

Training Update

So I decided to train arms today. Haven’t done that in well….a very long time to put it mildly Noticed a definite problem in feeling movements in the biceps as opposed to the triceps. Perhaps this is a result of a previous neck injury?.

It was mostly an experimentation day, as I attempt to determine what will work best for me. I did take some (relatively) reps at a 3010 temp on the CGBP and was pleasantly surprised to see that my ROM has increased (aka I could actually touch!), even without taking the lift PL style.

Tomorrow is squat day. I love squat day (except when I work myself to near vomiting)

Good day in the gym

Decided rather than deadlifting today, which has irritated my traps, to do some explosive work–as I’ve been noticing that’s a weakness across all my lifts.

Did power cleans at 3/2/1 3/2/1 and hit a power clean at 135! This was a micro-goal for me and a significant PR. My form needs work–but I assumed as much.

Then I did some good mornings with slow eccentrics followed by some squat jumps. Those really got the calves into it!

In fact–the whole workout nearly brought me to the point of vomiting. Now that’s a workout!

Physical Therapy: Ups and Downs

Went back to PT today.

The upside–I’m feeling significantly better and am just about recovered. Though it’s going to take me some time to build my strength back up.

Downside: I had to use colored dumbellls and a bodyblade today. What the point of the bodyblade is–I have no clue. It was very awkward to use. At first I wanted to treat it like a lacrosse stick, but then was told not to initiate the movement from my wrist. Heck as long as I feel better though.

Injured (again?)

Alas…Something funny is going on with my right leg again.

I had a so-so squat session on Thursday–maybe I went a bit too deep for my adductors liking?

Maybe I’ll contact the doctor…but not sure if I should skip the primary doc and go straight to a specialist on this one.

Anyone got any rehab ideas/advice?

A good start

The little brother actually set foot in a gym tonight.

It’s a good first step.

Sadly, he only apparently went on the treadmill. (I’m waiting to get more info from him).

Next to get him under the bar….


I think I’ve (accidentally) put myself into a state of Ketosis.

Ironically—I’m feeling full of energy! Not sure what to make of this discovery…

I also appear leaner in the mirror (not that anyone else would notice beneath my clothes…but still)

Will see how I feel upon return to the gym on Monday.


Since my calves acted up again, I noticed that my ankle flexibility was virtually non-existant in the gym today…so I had to (sadly) cut short my planned deadlifting and modify my workout accordingly.

Knowing what to do to rehab things, from my previous experience, I’ve reintroduced my ankle mobility work, and it’s time to really hit up the soft tissue work.

Although since I don’t have the time or money to spent on a massage therapist and/or visits to a physical therapist, I stopped by a running store and bought myself The Stick” to really hit my calves and some other hard to foam-roll body parts.

Will report back with progress/updates

1000 Pound Club!

I did it! I had no plan to do it…I’d only aimed to make it into the 800 lb club as a goal this year….

Put up a personal best 4-plate squat (that’s 405lbs) which brings my current total in the big 3 (squat, bench, deadlift) to 1005!

Of course I’m still not satisfied with my numbers. I of course want more!

Nonetheless, this still calls for celbraton…but I’ve got company coming over tonight….

[For reference purposes, I don’t think my bodyweight is too frar from maybe 190-200lbs–I go by the mirror not the scale]