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From Quamran to the Web

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Dialogue in the Dark — NYC

This was an exhibit I’d seen a little over a year

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ago back in Holon at the Israeli Children’s Museum (Link is in English)

Now while reading the local paper here today, I find out that a similar exhibit is opening downtown at the South Street Seaport: Dialogue in the Dark

It’s definitely worth visiting! I can’t praise it highly enough!

Good for Israel!!!

Early this morning, Israeli Naval Commandos boarded the “flotilla’ of ships bound tor Gaza.

Despite the claims that these were “peaceful protests”–the video shows otherwise

Yet the idiocy of the European Union and other Leftist Global Leaders (especially the UN) is already starting their usual condemnation of Israel.

The only language understood in the Middle East is that of force. Good for Israel.

Parade Day

Went to the annual Salute to Israel parade today over on 5th Avenue.
Nothing too different from years past–fewer solicitors/handouts this year and significantly increased security (helicopters, and dump trucks loaded with cement at the top of 5th).

Also went to the Concert in the park afterwords for a bit. It was okay. More of a combination of right-of-center political rally + concert. (Which is right up my alley). Didn’t stay for more than 2hrs because I had a bit of a headache (hypoglycemia again?)

I also happened to see the Conservative Button Guy on Fifth Avenue outside the Met again. (He’s ~at 80th and 5th) and he was wisely selling pro-Israel buttons in addition to his other accessories today. Smart marketing. Caveat though: I don’t think Conservatives use buttons as much as Liberals, but that’s an irrelevant discussion.

Stand with Israel rally

A brief recap of my experience at yesterday’s “Break the silence — Stand with Israel rally” which was held in Midtown outside the Israeli embassy. (2nd Ave between 42nd and 43rd streets).

First, as I anticipated there was quite a bit of whargarbl/derp from the crowd and some speakers (nu?) Also down a block (between 41st and 40th) were the Neturei Karta doing their thing. [Again–did you expect anything else].

I actually recognized some faces in the crowd from shul and it was a mixed group in attendance. A good turn out especially in light of the rain and the lack of major Jewish organization sponsorship (there’s one theory floating around as to why–I’m not sure I buy into it). The rain probably prevented a larger crowd, plus the space confines too.

The crowd tended to skew more to the religious side of the spectrum (a collection of black hats, but a large number of kippot) There also seemed to be quite a large contingent of older individuals–many of whom sounded like they were of Eastern European descent (based on the languages they used). There were also some youngsters (little kids thru high school age) and activists in the mix.

One of the most interesting speakers had to have been Guardian Angels’ founder and head Curtis Sliwa. He basically called things as they were and hammered the politicians on both sides of the aisle and called on them to actually stand up for Israel rather than merely posturing. Some of the speakers went all anti-Democrat, but Sliwa to his credit played it down the middle (okay, he was a bit more anti-incumbent–but towards both sides).

He’s some coverage from Arutz Sheva (Note: a right-of center new organization)

In all, I enjoyed the time I spent there–cold weather and rain not withstanding. I was very disappointed though by the lack of creative signs and/or giant inflatable figurines (I guess the far left has a monopoly on those).

A taste of NYC in Israel

Another recent memory from my recent trip.

On one small section of Emek Refaiim, there’s an Aroma Cafe on one side of the street and opposite it is a Tal Bagels and Max Brenner restaurant.

While The Sister and I found this to be extremely funny–the parents didn’t understand our laughter.

You see…here in NYC we’ve got a Max Brenner (Union Sq), Aroma Cafe (multiple).

Travel half way around the world and see the same restaurants! With the notable exception that in Jerusalem all of these places were Kosher.


Time for some Israel trip stories.

One of the highlights of my trips was to do something I’d never done before in Israel. Ride a public bus.

My previous trips to Israel with school and youth groups took place in the ’80s (’96 and ’99). For those who don’t remember, during that time there was a spike in terrorist attacks especially against public buses (a list from the Israeli MFA).

During those trips taking the bus was expressly prohibited. Not even to be contemplated.

This trip–I got to take the bus. Rode the bus around Yerushalaim in fact. Even rode a bus from Tel-Aviv to Yerushalaim at night (though I had to stand for that whole ride).

Sure it seems mundane–but it was the novelty of being able to do something I’d never done before on my previous travels.

Hooray for new experiences and adventures!

Bibi’s Speech

Nothing too “earth shattering” within PM Netanyahu’s speech earlier today at Bar-Ilan

I sort of like the analysis over at AoSHQ on the speech.

Bibi scores some points for showing up Obama’s omission of the real historical origins of the (modern) State of Israel.

Otherwise, there was nothing in the speech that hadn’t been heard before.

Funny to read the Palestinian responses though. The “peace process” is once again DOA (though–was it ever “alive” to begin with?)

Obama’s Mideast Speech

Didn’t read all 6,000 words of it yet (nor do I really have any intention too)

But from all the articles I’ve read, I”m not pleased.

Israel is getting royally screwed over–and based on that alone, I don’t like it. Others can say more, but that’s my 2 cents.