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The face behind the voice

NYT: Announcing the Subway Announcement Lady

Now who

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is the man behind the other automated announcements?

War on NaCl!

The mayor has his new quixotic quest picked out….salt.

Question–why is the City spending this kind Wir stellen dir aber nicht nur samtliche Roulettevarianten vor, sondern auch Roulettestrategien, Roulette Casinos und vieles mehr. of money (in it’s financially strapped state) on this kind of campaign?

/Just curious

Trick or Treat

Another thing I don’t understand about how kids go “Trick or Treat”-ing in Manhattan (besides that they mainly patronize stores).

Back in my hometown, there are set “trick-or-treat” hours. Either 4-6, 5-7 or 6-8pm depending on

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the year (each of the suburbs sets their own time).

Around here–kids have been getting candy since the early morning! What gives?

Oh, and there’s candy here at the apartment should anyone want to come by! (Healthy, sugar-free foods are also availble here if you ask nicely).

Voting on Voting

So I’m torn. Is it worth it for me to bother going to the polls next week to vote?

The novelty of the levered election machines is gone. The congressional race for my district is a given to the incumbent. Cuomo will be the State’s next governor,

Are there any races on the ticket even worth bothering to vote on/for?

Pickle Day

The Sister informed and the Brother that today on the Lower East Side was going to be a “pickle fair”.

The Tenth Annual NYC International Pickle Fair no less!
Indeed–there is such a fair annually. Only fitting that it’s held on the LES as well.

Not only did we get to sample all sorts of yummy pickles (I’m a fan of full sour, whereas Sister and Brother like half-sour). There were other interesting pickled items on display as well (and kimchi was represented too).

Probably the most interesting thing I tried was the truffled pickles. Good stuff! Pickles on a stick–a bit of a bizarre novelty

Alas, we were pressed for time, as we had to get back up town to get The Brother to La Guardia for his flight home, but we all had a good time and lots of tasty pickles!.

Paladino–the politcal joke…

Even though the guy has virtually zero chance of winning the

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governorship in NY, Paladino still seems unable refrain from putting his foot into his mouth.

Most recently it was his ignorant comments about homosexuals.

Now while I understand that he was speaking to a very socially conservative audience–a smart politician wouldn’t make such a remark. Was he trying to play to that crowd?

That said, I do wonder if his brusque off-the-cuff nature is part of his shtick? The man dose look rather creepy though–the bags under his eyes fail to flatter him.

Looks ugly

Definitely not a fan of the proposed design of the Park51 mosque/center I understand the idea behind the design–it’s just that iit doesn’t seem to be be very visually appealing. Nor does

But told. Annoying is avoided was that

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it blend in with the surrounding architecture that well.

0 for 12!

I’m proud to say that I’m

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whopping 0 for 12 on this list: 12 Dumbest Things New Yorkers Do

Art exhibit

On an event I heard about from some fiends on Facebook…I saw this being set up down at Union Square this morning and it looked

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Sukkah City 2010

However, I’ve got to wonder–are any of these artistic sukkot actually kosher?

Free Bulbs

A project came to the building called the “Manhattan Free Lighting Project” this evening and gave out free energy efficient bulbs to our building. The Sister jumped at the offer.

Free CFL bulbs…plus saving $$ from our Con-Ed Bill = Win-Win situation!

Soon to be the most popular downtown gay bar

I can’t tell if Gregg Guttfield’s floated idea is serious or just a really clever practical joke:

Greg Gutfeld: I’m raising money to build a Muslim gay bar next to the Ground Zero mosque

If Guttfield is indeed serious, I’d venture a guess, that most of the bar’s revenue probably would come form “outside donations” and or legions of tourists.

All humor aside though, theoretically speaking, if this plan is indeed for real, would it pit NYC’s GBLTQIA community against the Muslim community in any way/shape/form? If so–what would the repercussions be? How would it all

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play out?

A walk down E. 86th Street

One one side of the block there’s the Sephora where Giulliani’s daughter was arrested yesterday

Two stores down is a new Shake Shack that just opened yesterday. The restaurant literally has a line to get into it, that stretches all the way down the street to 3rd avenue! Can someone please enlighten me as to what is so special about this place? All I know is that they make

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burgers and shakes.

Meanwhile, on the sidewalk, there are people attempting to ambush you in order to “help a child” or some other cause like that. There’s the street vendors Then today there was a super-long shot Republican candidate for governor looking for people to admit they’re registered Republicans and sign his petition (n.b. I’m registered as an independent these days).

All that to get home….

Target and Costco trip

Made a trip up to Costco today and along the way, decided to make a detour upstairs (literally) to check out the brand new Target.

I can’t recall the last time I was in a Target (definitely more than 1 year ago), but the Manhattan target feels a lot like any other Target. It’s all on one floor (unlike the one at University Plaza back home) and it’s got a decent selection of merchandise, especially in terms of food–some fresh produce included.

Though the telltale sign that one is in Mahnattan is the fact that there’s a Starbucks right when you walk into the store (the food service area). I’ll probably go back there at a later date when there’s something I want to buy. Today I just happened to go there, because I was at the “plaza” anyway.

Costco was, well, Costco! Not too crowded in the store.Picked myself up some nuts, beans, pickles, oranges, blueberries and some socks. (Yes, socks–they had an excellent price on dress socks!) Nothing visibly new in the Kosher sections either.

One thing though, when I looked at the cuts of beef in the Kosher section they all look so fatty. Will there ever be leaner Kosher beef offered? The first-cut brisket though looked good. Problem is, if I make bristle (make that if I can figure out how to make brisket)–who all is going to eat it?

Funny thing overheard in Costco, this little girl singing “david melech…” and her chaperon kept interjecting the “chai chai pizza pie” ending–to which the little girl protested. Amusing to hear this kind of thing in a Costco….

The highlight of the trip was the walk home with the 20+ of purchased items in my hands. The two avenue walk to the bus really lit my traps up. (And today was supposed to be an exercise “rest” day).

Exercise in the City

From today’s Post:

NYC’s exercise cults

I’m an admitted gym addict

That said–I don’t care for group exercise classes. It’s not my thing. I’m much happier going into the gym to SFW
(While I do have a method to my madness and will often use tempo counts, the goal remains the same)

Too bad the SFW is almost alien in most gyms in this city and instead is replaces by all sorts of silly classes.

Marking the 4th…

So for the 4th, I decided to make the most of the nice weather, and I headed downtown to take in some American History.

Took the train down to Bowling Green and went to Battery Park. From there, I was able to see both the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island (the latter of which I really want to

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visit at some point). None of my grandparents or great-grandparents actually came through Ellis Island as it turns out–but nevertheless, all the time I spent in elementary school learning about it makes me feel that it would be a worthwhile trip.

From the Battery I walked around downtown–nowhere in particular. Went by Francis’ Tavern, over to Freedom Hall, passed by the NYSE (yay for capitalism!), Trinity Church. Then went over to the South Street Seaport–because the weather was nice and I felt like seeing the water. It was nice and sunny out.

Later I came home, had dinner and all that good stuff, and headed out towards the west side to watch the fireworks. This year’s fireworks surpassed last years in their quality. Extremly impressive.

Rather than dealing with an overcrowded E train to get back to the East Side, I made the trip on foot from 11th Ave over to Lexington to catch a 6 back home. My calves haven’t been thrilled with my decision, but that’s besides the point. I had a nice walk which is all that counts in my book.