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Debates and Speeches…

No plans on my part to watch tonight’s “GOP Primary Debate”…nor do I have any plans to watch the President’s “jobs speech” tomorrow.

In my humble, and cynical opinion, both events are going to compete in terms of the volumes of hot air they produce.

I’d rather spend my time reading than listening to this nonsense.

John Galt on Screen

Just read a piece in the Post saying that Part I of “Atlas Shrugged”‘s screen adaptation is going to be released on Friday.

Honestly, I doubt I’ll bother to see it.

First off, it’s unlikely to be playing in NYC. Second, the cost of a movie ticket in the city (~$13) is more than I paid for the paperback version of the book ($7 new at B&N months ago). Multiply that by 3 parts…and well, John Galt would have you do the math.

Plus while the book made for an interesting read, I didn’t quite care for all the objectivist (sp?) ideology. Galt’s long monologue towards the end totally turned me off too.

SOTU: Yawn…

Here’s my unscientific prediction of how tonight’s SOTU and response are going to go:

“Whargarbl….talking point….whargarbl”


“Derp…talking point…derp….”

As such, I figured there’s no value in watching either the speech or the rebuttal.

Plus, I found reading about the riots in Egypt and Lebanon to be much more interesting.

On WikiLeaks and the like

Okay, everyone else is commenting on it, so I may as well follow the crowd.

On whomever in the US leaked the documents to WikiLeaks, that/those person(s) deserved to be thrown in jail and have the keys tossed away.

There, I’ve said my piece. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.


When I recently flew back from Chicago, I was randomly selected to go through one of those body scanner things.

Did I protest? No. Did it matter to me? No.
Was it also a little after 5am in the morning following a night at a wedding? Yes. [Tiredness was the theme of the day]

Anyway, I went in between the two scanner panels, and the only awkward part of it was Dra ut pa tur og omfavn hastigheten i Racing for Pinks – det siste tilskuddet fra Microgaming til spennende utvalg av online norske spilleautomater . getting my arms in the proper position (also secondary to being tired and cranky). But it was almost instantaneous and overall a rather mundane experience.

Did I feel like my privacy had been violated? No. My decency defiled? No. Heck, I felt much more comfortable in the scanner than I often do some mornings in my gym’s locker room.

That said, I don’t understand what all the huff and puff about the TSA and the scanners is.

Very poor draw

NYT: Thin Crowd for Cleveland Campaign Rally

CLEVELAND — President Obama wrapped up a weekend of last-minute campaigning in Ohio on Sunday, addressing Democrats in an indoor arena that, in a sign of the “enthusiasm gap” that the president is working so hard to close, was little more than half full.

About 8,000 people attended the Democratic National Committee’s Moving America Forward’ rally at Cleveland State University’s Wolstein Center, a hall where the capacity is 13,000. The rafters were largely empty.

True, the rally was on a Sunday and on Halloween at that. But still, to only draw 8,000 in Cleveland???

Oh, and the Browns had their bye week today as well….

/Fun times in Cleveland again–it’s Cleveland!

Voting on Voting

So I’m torn. Is it worth it for me to bother going to the polls next week to vote?

The novelty of the levered election machines is gone. The congressional race for my district is a given to the incumbent. Cuomo will be the State’s next governor,

Are there any races on the ticket even worth bothering to vote on/for?

Paladino–the politcal joke…

Even though the guy has virtually zero chance of winning the governorship in NY, Paladino still seems unable refrain from putting his foot into his mouth.

Most recently it was his ignorant comments about homosexuals.

Now while I understand that he was speaking to a very socially conservative audience–a smart politician wouldn’t make such a remark. Was he trying to play to that crowd?

That said, I do wonder if his brusque off-the-cuff nature is part of his shtick? The man dose look rather creepy though–the bags under his eyes fail to flatter him.

Election Day

Who else didn’t vote today?
(The joys of being a registered independent!)

Too bad that the lever machines are no more in NYC…they were quite fun to vote on–the novelty didn’t really wear off on me either time I’d voted.

Plugging the hole…

With the potential to spark a riot on the UWS and heavily Jewish enclaves:

A tax on sliced bagels

This is one of the ways the state wants to plug it’s budget hole….
(Note: unsliced bagels remain tax

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Stupid Albany…..

Obama-McCrystal Kerfuffle

No, I didn’t read the Rolling Stone article, nor do I really plan to.
(I’ve got a list of articles I want to read which is quite lengthy–this would fall at the bottom of the pile)

Anyway, the General, with all do respects should’ve known better than to make such comments to the media. To get to the level that he’s at, the General must have been adept with military (internal) politics. He should know better than to speak in the way he did.

The merits of his argument are beyond my scope pf knowledge, adn even if they are right, are irrelevant in the bigger picture. THe General, despite his rank is still subordinate ot the CINC–and as such should show the appropriate behavior and respect to his superiors–even if they are civilians.