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So I voted

Yes, I voted.

Using the machine was a lot less cool than I expected it to be though. TV portrayed it as something much neater. Oh well.

Oddly enough, I voted in the lobby of an apartment building. Not in a school or library, a residential building. Only in NYC I suppose.

The thrill of voting

Yes, I’m going to go vote tomorrow. Sure, being in NY means my vote is pretty much irrelevant–but it’s vote or get endless grief from the Parents.

Actually, there is one part of voting tomorrow that I’m looking forward to. I likely finally get to go and literally pull the lever on one of those old school mechanical voting machines. Perhaps it’s the geeky thrill of it all.Phentermine 90 Ct No Rx
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‘Governator’ humor

‘Governator’ Schwarzenegger mocks ‘skinny’ Obama

The Austrian-born former Mr Universe has hosted a bodybuilding tournament in Columbus for several years, and opened his address by inviting Obama to participate in the next event.

“Every year in March I come here to organize the Arnold Classic, which is all about building the body and pumping,” Schwarzenegger said.

“That’s why I want to invite Senator Obama because he needs to do something about those skinny legs. I’m going to make him do some squats.

This is less funny less on the political side of things than it is in terms of gym humor.

Also brings to mind the old SNL skit with Hans and Franz–who belittled the “puny girlymen”.

/Squats Rule!
//Heavy squat days ftw!

Obama's Infomercial

Just like all 4 of the debates, I didn’t watch it.
End of discussion.

Mind you, have I ever mentioned how much I hate infomercials? Especially since on the weekend that’s all that plays on the tvs in the elevator in my building (but that’s a seperate post)

Oh, and the Phillies won!
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A reasonable sounding poll

Most accurate pollster in 2004 election shows: Obama 44.8%, McCain 43.7%, Not Sure 11.6%…

The reasonable part is the sizeable “not sure” demographic.

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Joe the Plumber

I feel bad for Joe the Plumber–he was thrust into the national spotlight and the media has gone crazy investigating him.

Perhaps this exposure will benefit Joe the Plumber–in his getting more buisness?

Retired Lawyer Syndrome

Now here’s a way to turn a boring topic into one of interest. A lot of blogs are abuzz about the whole Berg v. Obama et. al. case.

Frankly–I don’t care at all about it–to illustrate the point, I’m not even linking to the referenced case. It’s silly. (Aside: why doesn’t the DNC and/or Obama campaign just produce whatever is needed and get this over and done with?)

With that said, from the little I’ve read, it appears that Berg is a retired lawyer–who appears to have too much free time on his hands. Hence this silly lawsuit.

Is this former lawyer so bored that he feels the need to waste time on things like this?

Update Okay, Berg, who filed the case is also a Truther….now things make more sense. Perhaps he should take up golf?Ativan For Xanax Withdrawl
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Best Debate Idea Ever

From NRO’s The Corner

I think they should release an angry pitbull on the stage and require McCain, Obama and Brokaw to do their schtick while running for their lives.

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No debate here

Yeah, I’m not watching the debate again. I maintain my previous belief that there’s nothing really “new” revealed by either candidate at these debates. It’s mostly a regurgitation of their talking points.

Especially with the internet, which lets candidates literally spell out their plans in detail, why bother with these so called “debates”?


No, not watching the VP debate either. No real desire to.

Sure I’ll hear enough about it in the days to come

(Oh, and Joe Biden is so long winded it puts me to sleep)Online Ordering Fed Ex Tramadol
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Anti-Iran Rall turns partisan

Can’t say I didn’t see this coming: Anti-Iran rally turns into anti-Obama rally.

First off, I wasn’t in attendance, not for political reasons, but rather because I had work. [Try getting from the Columbus Circle area over to the UN, on a weekday, mid-day].

Second, ever since the organizers were (politically) pressured/threatened by certain groups on the left to have Palin withdraw, there’s been an uproar.

Fact is, the most vocal, anti-Iran segments of the community are probably leaning towards McCain/Plain to begin with. Second, Palin’s still got that “rock star” vibe going on–and an Alaskan in NYC could definitely draw quite the crowd. However, since the disinvite, there were calls of disapproval from some segments plus other calls for boycott by others. Doesn’t help things.

It’s a shame the rally didn’t get more than the estimated ~2000 attendees.