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Treif Hot Dog Scandal!

The Post’s coverstory today is titled “Frank Incensed” and is about a Kosher eatery in Brooklyn caught serving unkosher hot dogs.

Interestinly enough, according to the Post, here’s how the discovery was made:

The Torah tussle began when a longtime patron noticed the unusually plump wiener he bought Monday night at Cheskel’s Shawarma King in Borough Park didn’t fit into a challah roll as usual.

Quite a sense of observation on the patron’s part.

It was after the discovery that things got a bit crazy, and of couse there’s video of what happened next.

However, there appears to be more to the story than what the Post reported. Two Jewish blogs, Voz Iz Neias and Yeshiva World News have much more on the story.

The whole treif food in a Kosher eatery scenario reminds me of something that took place a long time ago (this is 10+ years ago–so there’s probably nothing online) back in Cleveland. There was a Kosher chinese restaurant on Taylor Road that at one point was caught purchasing either non-Kosher meat (or was it fish?) from a company. Needless to say, the restaurant soon shut its doors for good.

Lots of useless paperwork

N.Y. Police Spied Broadly Before G.O.P. Convention

A lot of what the NYPD probably collected was random, mundane information. Most of this probably just wound up on pieces of paper and was placed in boxes in some fileroom somewhere.

Naturally this article is going to provoke much discussion, especially since it’s in the NYT. (Hasn’t the Villiage Voice run similar pieces?) One of the first questions that comes to mind, is how much of the data itself was easily obtainable off the internet? Wasn’t the NYPD acting in both the public’s interest and/or the interest of presidential security?

Figures he would say something like that

From Drudge:

Kerry on Mideast conflct: ‘If I was president, this wouldn’t have happened’…

Um, sure…magically Hizbullah would’ve just dissapeared? Kerry would have actually allowed Israel to go after the terorrists? (Would that have passed the “global test”?) What about the UN? There wouldn’t have been any ambassador as kick-ass as John Bolton in place, would there?



From the AP Wire:

Democratic Sen. John Kerry, a potential 2008 candidate, lashed out at former rival George W. Bush and his advisers on Friday, calling them incompetent and labeling the White House team “the Katrina administration.”

“These guys are the most incompetent people I’ve ever seen in Washington in all the time I’ve been in public life,” Kerry said

Yet Kerry was unable to defeat this “incompetent” administration in an election. What does that say about him?

Or to quote Lewis Black:

“For the Democrats to not be able to beat George Bush is like a normal guy losing the Special Olympics,”

For Discussion: When John Kerry speaks these days…does anyone actually listen?


From the AP Wire:

Democratic Sen. John Kerry, a potential 2008 candidate, lashed out at former rival George W. Bush and his advisers on Friday, calling them incompetent and labeling the White House team “the Katrina administration.”

“These guys are the most incompetent people I’ve ever seen in Washington in all the time I’ve been in public life,” Kerry said

Yet Kerry was unable to defeat this “incompetent” administration in an election. What does that say about him?

Or to quote Lewis Black:

“For the Democrats to not be able to beat George Bush is like a normal guy losing the Special Olympics,”

For Discussion: When John Kerry speaks these days…does anyone actually listen?

The FBI did the right thing

It looks like the ACLU is whining again:
FBI Terrorism Unit Eyed Web Protest Sites–
Documents Show Monitoring Of Convention Demonstrators

Good for the FBI. They’re doing their basic policework.

The American Civil Liberties Union pointed to the documents as evidence that the Bush administration has reacted to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States by blurring the distinction between terrorism and political protest

To the ACLU: That’s bullshit and you know it.
Groups like the ELF use the internet to communicate, as do other anarchist organizations. These are groups who claim their actions are ones of “political protest” but as we know that’s a croc .

The FBI should be monitoring these types of websites–just as it should be monitoring websites of other extremist/fringe groups.

Good work FBI!

my two cents

I don’t really have enough material in my head to warrant an individual post, so here’s my two cents on a few different stories in the news:

–Re: Terri Schiavo case–I’ve not really followed this story too closely, and as such I don’t have an firm opinion one way or the other on it. What actually interests me the most about the Schiavo case is not the politics of it–rather I’m more curious about the neurological side of things. What functions does she currently retain? Has an imaging study been performed; if so, what does it show? I’m’ more curious about the biological/medical side of things.

–Clinton vs. Kerry: So apparently Ann Lewis (of the Clinton camp) took a swipe at Kerry. Where did she take this swipe? In the Forward (a left-leaning national Jewish paper). Interesting place for such a zinger. Here’s the article. Lewis taught a course at Brandeis as a visiting professor my sophmore year.

Bono and Wolfowitz…..stranger things have happened

–Anti-war protests are scheduled to take place tomorrow, the biggest one being in NYC. I predict a rather pathetic showing and of course the usual circus will be in attendance.

A study confirms what was known

I don’t think that a study was necessary to confirm this bit of conventional wisdom:

Study Shows U.S. Election Coverage Harder on Bush

Reminds me of this famous exchange:

CNN’s HOWARD KURTZ: “It is a tight race. Do you believe that most reporters want John Kerry to win?”

NEWSWEEK’S EVAN THOMAS: “Yeah, absolutely.”
KURTZ: “Do you think they’re deliberately tilting their coverage to help John Kerry and John Edwards?”
THOMAS: “Not really.”

KURTZ:”Subconsciously tilting their coverage?”
KURTZ:”Including at Newsweek?”

KURTZ:”You’ve said on the program ‘Inside Washington’ that because of the portrayal of Kerry and Edwards as young and optimistic, that’s worth maybe 15 points. That would suggest.”

THOMAS:”Stupid thing to say. It was completely wrong. I do think that the mainstream press, I’m not talking about the blogs and Rush and all that, but the mainstream press favors Kerry. I don’t thin k it’s worth 15 points. That was just a stupid thing to say.”

KURTZ:”Is it worth five?”

THOMAS:”Maybe, maybe.”

(CNN’s Reliable Sources, October 17, 2004)

He was for ’em before he was against ’em…redux!

A post election special from Sen. John Kerry (D-MA)

“I think polls today are almost irrelevant, and I just don’t pay any attention to them.”

— Sen. John Kerry, on Meet the Press, noting the polls were wrong about his chances in the Democratic presidential primaries.

Of course, earlier in the interview Kerry used polls to prove the impact of the Osama bin Laden video released just days before the election. “I believe that 9/11 was the central deciding issue in this race. And the tape — we were rising in the polls up until the last day when the tape appeared. We flat-lined the day the tape appeared and went down on Monday. I think it had an impact.”

[h/t Political Wire]

Some people never change….

Quote of the Day

Letter to the Editor: Seeing fit to verify the voting facts

Kudos to The Plain Dealer for documenting the facts regarding voter machine distribution and, more important, how many people actually voted per machine (“Delays at polls weren’t a scheme: Voting machines distributed evenly,” Jan. 17).

It’s a shame that my showboat congresswoman [Tubbs-Jones] didn’t take the time to do the same.

Give it a rest already

Memo to the the “voter disenfranchisement in Ohio” crowd:

Delays at polls weren’t a scheme

But a Plain Dealer analysis shows that, in Cuyahoga County at least, the elections board distributed machines equally to city and suburban polling locations.

The long lines at some locations appear to be more the result of timing, new voters and overwhelmed poll workers, not necessarily a shortage of machines.

Before the Nov. 2 election, the elections board allotted each Cleveland precinct one machine for every 117 registered voters within its boundaries – the same ratio of machines that suburban precincts received.

In other words, the more registered voters a particular precinct had, the more machines it received, regardless of where that precinct was.

And in the end, the busiest precincts – when measured by the number of ballots cast per machine – were actually in the suburbs, not Cleveland, according to a Plain Dealer analysis of records from the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections.

and there’s more:

Long lines did form at some of Cuyahoga’s 584 polling loca tions. And those on Cleveland’s East Side – where problems were most anticipated – received the most attention from politicians, voter groups and reporters on the lookout for glitches.

The lines formed for a number of reasons: waves of new voters; inexperienced or overwhelmed poll workers; a crush of voters during peak hours; and general confusion at larger polling sites that host multiple precincts.

Michael Vu (Democrat), director of the Cuyahoga elections board, admits his office needs to improve some of its “process and procedures,” but he said election workers and voters “should applaud themselves” for how Election Day unfolded.

One of the moves the board may study is better preparation for peak voting times. Unlike restaurants, which schedule staff size to accommodate their busiest hours, the elections board did not assign additional staff or machines specifically for peak times.

Each precinct had four poll workers, typically two Democrats and two Republicans. The board added a fifth poll worker to precincts it believed would be busy. Also, each polling location had an inspector to help direct voters.

Still, Vu said predicting exactly where and when a surge of voters will appear is akin to “picking winning lottery numbers.”

As it does in every election, the Cuyahoga board set up six offices across the county from which extra machines could be delivered quickly to crowded polling locations.

So can we put this whole thing to rest already?

Is it something in the water?

There must’ve been something in the drinking water yesterday up in Massachussets, ’cause at two sperate MLK Jr. Memorial events, the false meme about voter suprsession in Ohio came up…

First there was Sen. Kerry’s claim of disenfranchisement (h/t Viking Pundit)

and then there was Brandeis Professor Anita Hill’s claim that:

Citing suspected voter suppresion in Ohio in the November election, Hill said she wondered why more weren’t outraged by the electoral system’s lasting inefficiencies even in the new millenium. “We need something in this country that we never have had. We need to give new definition to the term `equal political opportunity’.”–Brandeis Press Release

Question though: What is “equal political opportunity”? And what is “political justice”?

Blue Wristbands

So the latest trend in the wristband fad is the development and marketing of the anti-Bush wristband. Yawn…that’s lame.

On the otherhand, here’s a story about a different blue wristband project, that’s defintely newsworthy:

Two Jewish men from Long Island, Stuart Katz and Fred Wilkowski, founded Yad Chazaka just six weeks ago. They were impressed with Lance Armstrong’s LIVESTRONG yellow bracelets and thought the same approach could be applied to help Israeli charities. An anonymous donor paid for the production of 30,000 blue bracelets with the name Yad Chazaka printed on them. This means that 100% of all proceeds is sent directly to Israel.

“We contacted Yad Chazaka in New York hoping to sell 1,000 of these bracelets,” says Orli. “In just one week we are half way to our goal.”

Orli sold over 250 bracelets at a recent Hebrew Academy concert, and she and her friends are literally selling them right off their wrists. Jacob’s Judaic and Frank’s Hebrew Bookstore are also outlets for the bracelets, with the best advertisement being word of mouth.

“These bracelets are going like hotcakes,” says Avigayle. “We have had people knocking at our door at all hours of the day asking for them. At just one dollar apiece, they are affordable and make people feel very good about giving.”–Cleveland Jewish News

More on Yad Chazaka

Where’s MoveOn when you need em?

Give it a rest people!

Many Americans refuse to concede ‘stolen election’

“While a two-hour debate raged on the floors of the U.S. House and Senate over the certification of the presidential election, more than 400 activists waited outside to learn which of their leaders would join their cause.

Under an overcast sky, the Rev. Jesse Jackson told the activists – still refusing to accept the results of the November election – not to be bitter.

As he spoke, many of them wept, because for some, the anger over what they refer to as “the stolen elec tion” is precisely what won’t let them let go.”

The article goes on to profile in depth four peoplle who have refused to let go of the election.

Okay, I think this whole “challenge” thing is garbage.
But since I’m home for the day, and bored, I flipped on C-SPAN and have cycled between C-SPAN 1 and 2, and it’s just hillarious! How assinine are our elected officials?

Ha ha ha Denny Kucinich is now speaking! He should put his tinfoil hat back on…I don’t like his hairdo too much.

On a more serious note, there’s a lot of talk amongst democrats about electoral reform. That’s a fair topic–but this is not the time to be introducing such a topic. There’s a time to introduce legislation like this…and it’s not now.

A question though…where does the line get drawn regarding Federal vs. State power over elections?


I flipped on the news this morning as I ate my breakfast and FNC has an alert up saying: “Senator Barbra Boxer to object to electoral vote”

Therefore, I hereby declare Sen. Boxer to be the official loser (and idiotic senator) of the day.

(The contest for the “Loser of the day” in the House is still up for grabs)

Congressional representation

I’m so embarassed to be represented by this congresswoman:

Politicians protest certifying of vote
With Congress set to certify the presidential vote this week, U.S. Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones and the Rev. Jesse Jackson tried Sunday to keep Ohio’s election in the spotlight.

But thank goodness for Sec. of State Ken Blackwell (and his spokespeople)

Carlo LoParo, a spokesman for Blackwell, called Sunday’s news conference “silly partisan antics.”

“If Congresswoman Tubbs Jones wants to make a fool of herself, that’s her right,” LoParo said. “She is grabbing these fabricated charges and giving them legitimacy.”