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I’d submitted requests to three separate software vendors today about their products.

The requests were put in before 10:30AM….and how many did I hear back from today?


I’d think that a sales person would be more proactive towards a potential, interested customer. Especially when said customer approaches the vendor as opposed to a cold call.

But hey–what do I know. I’m just the “back-office” guru/planning type. Not at all a salesperson.

I’ll see what if any calls I get tomorrow….

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think of work as a giant game of Calvinball.

You can’t do things the same way twice…

Although Calvinball is a lot more fun

Seen in the fridge

The sister got some sort of gift or promotional samples of some organic vegetable/fruit juice blends.

[Personally, I'd rather eat my veggies and fruits in solid form]

Being curious, I perused the ingredients. The recurring theme on them all was the appearance of “Alkalized Water”

Now being a science person, it’s known that the pH of water is neutral–7.0

[Yes, I know that tap water may not be exactly at 7.0, but we're not talking about a chemistry or molecular biology lab here!]

Thus, one can only wonder, what make’s “alkalized water” more alkaline? How do they magically ad more hydroxyl (-OH) groups to water?

Rejected Academic Ideas

The sister is a graduate student in “food Studies”. So at the expense of this topic, during the weekend, The Father and I traded ideas about possible academic topics in said field.

My idea was “An examination of why one’s mother’s chicken soup always tastes better than their child’s–observations in a Jewish Household”.

Sadly, no one seemed to like that idea too much. Though the upside was getting to have Grandma’s chicken soup for Rosh Hashanah (which as even my mom will admit, is better than hers)

Pesach cooking

My biggest challenge here at the Apartment with Pesach is my lack of pesach cookware. As it is not logical for me to keep a “robust” set of Pesach cookware in The Apartment (lack of space) I spend the chag using a bare minimum of tools. That’s probably the hardest part of it all for me.

90+ of what I regularly eat is Kosher for pesach on it’s own (seasoning excluded). It’s just the lack of pans/pots that complicate matters for me.

A second rant, why must so many Pesach dishes be made with sugar?!?
/Discuss amongst yourselves

Theoretically Speaking

(From a conversation at work today)

So if a manager is supposed to delegate work…

And another manager delegates work to a manager…is that work supposed to then be delegated to the “rank and file” employees?

(and the conversation slid into laughter)

Styles of leadership

Observation from the week that past.

I’ve been told that as a “manager’ I must delegate more of my work to others.

At the same time, it’s my belief that a leader should do just what the name implies, and lead from the front. That often means taking the initiative and tackling what needs done.
[Especially if you know it's likely not going to get done otherwise--even if it is the responsibility of others].

Thus bringing up the question: Is a manager supposed to step-in and do the work s/he has delegated to others if it’s not getting done?

Dear “Diana”

Dear “Diana”

You parked your car at the garage up the block from our office building today, but apparently you forgot to leave the garage employees your keys.

Apparently “Diana” you told the garage staff that you worked at “My Company”.

That was why not one, not two, but three different garage employees came up to our floor this morning asking if we knew where you were. Too bad “Diana”, that we don’t have anyone by your name on our staff!

While I understood the garage employees frustrations–it’s not nice what your misinformation lead to me and my employees having to “search” the office to ask around if you were on our floor.

Sorry if your car got towed as a result, but you should have both left your keys with the garage guy and let them know where you were going to be in the building.

(True story)

Not so easy….

Being a manager has so far been a lot harder than I expected.

Namely, I’m the type who isn’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and get my own hands dirty (or in the case of our office, full of chart induced paper-cuts).

Over the past two weeks, things have been significantly busier than usual (very good) but at the same time, due to unplanned absences, my department has been understaffed.

It’s meant a lot more work for me, which, while it does frustrate me, I know I’m doing what needs to be done.
Granted, my having to spend longer days at work is not making me at all happy, but I guess it’s all part of the job as a leader, is it not?

Another day…another adventure

In the course of trying to make the “Transition” from regular “office worker” to “manager’ I’ve realized that I have an uphill climb ahead of me. Mostly because of the fact that I still (currently) have all of my old duties/responsibilities plus everything managerial that being heaped onto me.

Thankfully, my supervisor understands this situation and frequently checks up on me to see how things are going. I really do appreciate the guidance.

One of the skills I really need to work on is not just typing on my blackberry, but typing while walking! It’s a critical skill for me in the office.

Dear Neighbor

Dear unknown neighbor on the floor of my building,

On Thursday night, the aroma of whatever you were cooking wafted into the hallway and it smelled really, really good.

The odor was reminiscent of chicken soup with vegetables..

So synonymous neighbor, what was this beautiful smell from and more importantly, can I have the recipe?

Ice, rain and snow…oh my!

We’re supposed to get some sort of nasty winter mix tonight thru tomorrow. The local news is hyping it up big time.

What I fail to understand is, people you live on the (North) East coast–it’s normal to get snow!!!!

Why such

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FUD over every snow fall?


While I was home for much of the afternoon, I could’ve spent the time on my PC typing up some long-neglected posts.

Alas, I opted to watch my Browns eke out a victory in a horrendously ugly game and then, I proceed to read a book.

I love the feeling of “getting lost” in a book. With so many things dancing around my mind, reading (for pleasure) is a total and very welcome distraction. It permits me to “block out” everything else going on in my life.

Anyone feel the same way? Better yet–any reading recommendations?

How rude

Dear Patients with doctors appointments after 6pm…

If you’re not going to bother coming in for your appointment, at least give the office the courtesy of a cancellation call (24hrs ahead of online casinos time that is)–rather than making the staff and physician sit around waiting.

We do like going home too!


Morning musing

Something pointless to think about:

In the Medical field the acronym HCPC is pronounced: “Hick-Pick”
If HCPC can be pronounced–what’s the pronunciation for “CPT”?

Bonus question: how does one pronounce “ICD”
[This one actually has a vowel!]

Silly Bandz

So last night The Sister hosted a birthday dinner for one of her friends.
(We’ve got plenty of left overs if anyone want to stop on over!)

Someone got the Birthday girl some of those “Silly Bandz” which elicited a large amount of excitement at the table. Perhaps it was the alcohol in people’s systems?

These are just goofy shaped rubber bands. What is so special about them? They’re rubber bands–nothing more!

They don’t even maintain the awesomeness of a childhood fad from my era–slap bracelets. At least those were not only fun to use but also a fashion statement!

Now Silly Bandz should not be confused with bands used in strength training. While some may consider these bands silly, they’ve been shown to help make one stronger.