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Lessons learned

Things I learned at work today:

–I still fail to understand the female mindset. Not that I was explicitly trying to do so–but today presented

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me with things that perplexed me.

–Still not used to feeling “popular” at work–especially amongst the higher-level staff.

–Fleishigs for brekfast continues to be t3h awes0mez

–I’ll have a glass of whatever the Boss was drinking–he was in such an upbeat mood!

–The sister had bottles of Smirnoff Ice in the fridge (eeeeewwww!)

–Take heart patients–navigating the maze of insurance companies is quite a headache for providers as well. Patients should feel fortunate when they’re able to get a customer service agent on the line–as with certain insurances we don’t get humans.

–No, CPAP machines don’t magically have feet that enable them to walk away

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on their own….

Observation on the opposite gender

[Paraphrased from a conversation between me and The Sister]

Me: So Sister, are girls really always “catty” towards each other?

Sister: Yeah.

Me: Is it a trend or a constant thing

Sister: Constant. Girls can suck sometimes.

Me: Thanks for the information…

[Yes, there’s a back story to all this but the details are irrelevant]


Something that’s been on my mind as

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of late.

What is happiness? It seems to be an emotion which I have not experienced in way too long.

What does it mean to be happy? As opposed to being at ease or simply content?

Is one to actively seek out happiness or is it organic in nature and come on its own?

Being a bad son?

So I find out thru Facebook that The Dad is going to be on TV tonight. Lovely how The Dad tells his


Granted, it’s on a TV station I don’t get…but still….

Does not watching it live make me a bad son?


I was thinking today. When was the last time I truly had “fun”.
Just pure, good “fun”.

Depressingly enough, it’s been quite a while.

I’ve been working so hard at work, I’ve not taken time for myself as much as I should. As a result, I’ve not had the time or energy to put into myself.

I’ve also been so uptight, from the non-stop nature of what’s been thrown at me at work lately, plus whatever the heck is going on w/ my health, that I’m just all too up-tight all the time.

Thus leading to the conclusion–that I need to have fun.

Question is: how does one have fun?

Tweet This?

No, I don’t tweet, nor do I plan on joining Twitter. I’ve got other things to do with my time…in some cases too many things to do. But I digress.

On occasion, for work, I’m given the duty of ordering food for meetings. Thank goodness for Seamless Web! Makes life so much easier.

After every order however, Seamless Web has this button to “Tweet” that you’ve placed an order from a given establishment.

This leads me to think–who really cares if someone ordered food from [insert name of dining establishment here]? Is it really necessary?


So I was randomly thinking this morning about what kind of music would best suit me at different times of the day.

No idea what provoked this thought (maybe being bored on the subway platform having read my free paper?)

I’ve so far determined that my morning would best be suited with (heavy) metal music. Why? The music gets my blood flowing and mentally enables me to enter “The zone”. Exactly what I need in the AM. (Especially since at the doctor’s suggestion I’ve laid off the coffee)
The music would be an awesome carry-over to the gym as well. One can not really smash f’n weights to Lady Gaga or other top 40 hits.

The after gym pre-office opening may be a bit of trance/electronica. It’s that amorphous time of the day–when I get a lot done, but at the same time, there’s some stochastic events.

When the clock stikes 9–one may as well cue the circus music. I don’t know what genre would fit in here. this is where one would need a DJ to come in an start spinning a variety of things. Some punk/ska may be a nice fit.

IN the evening, at home, is unwind time. Cue the classical, classical music.

Oh, and for what it’s worth, I don’t own an MP3 player or listen to much music at that.

Vampires: Meh

The girls at work are all aflutter over the new

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Twilight movie coming out. In fact a bunch of them are going to see it after work tomorrow.

There’s one male co-worker who sits near me, and the two of us are of the same mind about

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our dislike of the genre. (Of course, right now we’re much more interested in el futbol) but all the vampire nonsense nauseates us. Too many vampires…

Wither common courtesy?

This afternoon was quite busy at work, with many subjects coming to check in for their appointment, plus our clinic patients coming for their appointments as well. There’s limited seating in our office lobby…and many of the young guys who were checking in for their inpatient stays occupied the couches/seats.

Alas, when the Clinic patients came in, some of whom were elderly (and extremely sweet too–fwiw) the youngsters didn’t even have the courtesy to offer them a seat!

What nerve!

Are manners a thing of the past?

Goodbye Cujo

So my next door neighbors moved out Friday. I say next door, but their front door was really more at a 90 degree angle to ours.

These neighbors had a little dog, whose real name was Sophie. However, I always called the dog, jokingly, cujo.

Whenever I came home (from work, the park, wherever) and if Sophie was awake, despite the fact that her apartment door was shut–she’d always be barking–as if I was attempted to enter her apartment. The dog would just keep barking–and her owners would yell “Sophie stop it”. One would think that after all these occurrences the dog would recognize that I was going into my place…but it just kept recurring. After a while I began to nickname the dog “Cujo”–as my father had given me the idea after one of his visits to town. It’s even funnier since Sophie is a tiny little white curly haired dog.

Alas, the sounds of Sophie’s barking have since been replaced with the sounds of apartment renovation. (I’ll take the dog barking noise on the weekend)


So one of the random assignments given to me at work today was to help refill promotional pens whose ink had dried up.

At first it seemed like a tedious boring task (okay–it is/was). However, after doing the first few…it became rather…addicting!

I’m not sure why–was it the hands-on tactile activity? But as I was making some phone calls (and sitting on hold for a while) I was able to keep myself busy changing ink cartridges.

Now what will tomorrow’s fun activity be?


So I’ve been taking care of The Sister who has been ill since Friday.

I did the good brother things like picking up tissues, ginger ale, Afrin, saltines, etc.
(She however was still able to manage order Kosher chicken soup on Friday night–score one for Seamless Web)

So yesterday the Sister was on the couch watching TV. She had it tuned to VH1 and/or Bravo most of the day.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many different commercials there were for acne/skin care related products on. It was as if during every single commerical break there was an anti-acne product advertised.
That and the “shake wight” seemed to be the most moved products. Makes me wonder what the target audience is.

Televised Garbage

The sister has on the finale of “The Batchelor” in the other room.

From what I can overhear from the TV–I want to simply vomit. It’s even more nauseating than the “real housewives” shows that she watches.

Why do people tune into this tripe?

Strange Inquiry

From the cashier today at Whole Foods remarking on my purchase of a lot of frozen broccoli:

Cashier: “Are you a chef”

Me: “No…I’m just addicted to broccoli (*laughter)…it’s something I’ve loved my whole life”.

Cashier: Oh…I asked because when a chef [name intelligible] shops here he always buys a lot of broccoli…so I thiought you were a chef too.

Me: (laughs)….I wish I could cook that well!

–An aside, Whole Foods has the best price on frozen broccoli in the city that I know of! And my secret to prepare it? Toss it in the microwave.


So apparently the new thing to do is to post a picture of your doppelganger as your facebook profile.

Seeming that I don’t think I have a doppelganger…the closest thing for me would be to post a picture of my father (as people say I resemble him–just sans facial hair).

But that wouldn’t be acceptable for the game, would it?

Conversation of the day

While the girls are discussing Jersey Shore.

Girl 1: “What’s that quote…something like ‘it takes three things to make a guido…gym, tanning, laundy”

Me (passing by): “crap! I’m 2/3rds of the way there–I hit the gym and do my own laundry!”

Laughter ensues.

/No, I don’t tan on purpose. Only what sunlight I get in the summer time.


As I’ve said before–i don’t buy into the whole “New Years Resolution” shtick.

How many resolutions are abandoned and/or simply forgotten?

Personally,my preference is much more to set myself up with a series of “micro-goals”, which build upon each other–ultimately (hopefully) leading to a successful outcome.

Anyone got any goals/resolutions to share?

Easy Recipie

Here’s something I made myself for lunch yesterday, which The Sister insisted was divine.


Brussels Sprouts, cut in half
Olive Oil
Cinnamon (not cinnamon sugar!)
Sea Salt
Medium coconut flakes (optional)

1) Preheat oven to 350
2) In large Ziploc bag combine the brussels sprouts with some olive oil, and a hearty amount of grated cinnamon, a dash of salt and pepper to tase.
3) Seal bag and shake–making sure sprouts get coated
4) Pour onto baking sheet and place in oven for 10-15 minutes
5) “Garnish” with coconut flakes (optional)

They’re tasty and really easy to make!

Upcoming Birthdays: Gift Idea Bleg

So I’ve got two relative’s birthday’s coming up within the next two weeks or so.

Problem is…I’ve got no idea what to get these individuals for gifts.

First, next Sunday is The Sister’s birthday. Now I really don’t know what to get The Sister. Sure I know some kinds of stuff she likes–but she’s got so much stuff already! Any ideas for a twenty-something year old female?

Second, The Curious Jew has a “milestone” birthday coming up in a little over a week. She too will need a birthday gift.

Now the “challenge” with her–is that while she loves to read, the simple idea would be to get her a book of some sort. Thing is though–she’s read so many books it’s hard to find one she’d like and has not yet read!

Please help me come up with some ideas!