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Quick Review: The Expendables

It was an okay film. Nothing too special.

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Lots of action, most of it non-realistic but action nonetheless.

Quick Review: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy


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Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy last night.

However, I’m still scratching my head over the film. It appears to be the

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kind of film I’m going to either have to wait to have come out on DVD to watch and/or maybe read the book on which it’s based.

Recent Read

My new found free time has enabled me to get back to one of my favorite past times–reading.
(Granted, it’s not a very social activity, but one thing at a time)

Yesterday, I completed “Operation Mincemeat: How a Dead Man and a Bizarre Plan Fooled the Nazis and Assured an Allied Victory” by Ben Macintyre

It was an interesting and captivating read. Not necessarily a “page turner” but nor was it presented like a dry historical tome. It was history mixed with a narrative which made it much easier to read.

Also of tangential interest, the origins of Ian Flemming’s inspirations for Q and M are also introduced.

Quick Review: Hangover 2

An okay

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Parts were very predictable, especially since it was a sequel. Quite a few laughs along the way though. An enjoyable, albeit slightly grotesque film (humor wise)–but pales in comparison to the original.


Went out to the late showing of Inception last night at the local theater.
Bonus for me–the theater’s A/C wasn’t working right, so I was a bit more comfy than I’d be otherwise.

The movie was definitely full of action, but at the same time, it’s quite perplexing. It’s the kind of film that one will need to watch at least twice to fully understand.

I liked it nonetheless, and would recommend it to others. I won’t say much here as not to spoil it.

The one thing that I am afraid of, is random people calling our office to see if it’s true that ideas can be planted in dreams. (People: it’s a fantasy/sci-fi movie–not real! Please don’t call!)

Where The Wild Things Are

Saw the film today with The Sister.

A very deep film–and a bit on the sad/dark side too. I doubt most children who see the film will be able to pick up on many of these themes though.

Wasn’t overly impressed or excited by the film.

I liked the book much better.

Bruno: quick review

Rather disappointed with the film.

True, Borat set a very high bar, and Bruno came nowhere close to meeting it.

Sure there were lots of things to laugh at, but the film seemed very disjointed. It didn’t really take the Bruno character from the “Ali G Show”–which would’ve made it much better.

Also, there was an excessive appearance of penises. Moreover, based on some of the scenese, I’m very suprised that the movie didn’t get slapped with an NC-17 rating–really!

In all–it’s really not worth the money to see it in theaters.

Movie Day

As the weather is really dreary here in Manhattan today, The Sister and I went to go see the movie “Hangover”.

Funny movie. Not as funny as many of our acquaintances made it out to be, but a quality film no less.

Then back home we watched “Watchmen”….way, way, way too long for my tastes. Nothing overly impressive about it to me either.

Skinny Bastard?

From the authors of Skinny Bitches, comes their book for men:
Skinny Bastard

Sorry, but any man who proudly displays this book on his bookshelf should suffer demerits. Out of curiosity I happened to flip through it at B&N one day–and well unless you’re really into veganism–skip this book! (That’s putting it mildly)

More thoughts on “The Reader” (film)

I had no sympathy for Kate Winslet’s character “Hannah” as the movie progressed. Once her past was revealed, any and all sympathy which I had was straight out the window. Then again, perhaps being Jewish diddn’t necessarily make me the target audience.

Nor did i like how they portrayed the Survivor towards the final part of the movie. She came off looking as overly snooty and uptight–palying a bit too much into some of the stereotypes which people hold.

The film didn’t strike me as being of the quality needed for a “best picture” nomination either, but heck–I’m definitely not the Academy.

Waves of Mu: Review

So I went to the performance Waves of Mu at PS 122 last night.

Didn’t really know what to expect.

The fist part of the program, is a giant room (instalation) with artists conceptualizations of the different parts of the brains. This, though a bit abstract was definitely the highlight of the evening. (pictures here). I particularly liked the portrayal of the thalamus.

Then came the performance part which seemed very erratic and non-sensible. The program started with the small (~30 people) audience having to sign a “wiaver” which was more of a thinly vailed joke at an individual consent form, used in clinical research.. The program from there began to just start veering all over the place. A few clips of an interview with V.S. Ramachandran instersupurced with some wierd acting/behavior by the 3 person cast. It was literally all over the place. Amy was very talented, and it showed, but I just didn’t understand what the point was.

Now granted, as one with a background in neuroscience, maybe I was not the target audience for such a performance. In a similar vein, my appreciation for modern art isn’t great. Nor do I have much appreciation for modern theater either. (I’m better with the visual art). So with that in mind, my review is probably a bit biased in that way.

Brief Review: The Rivalry

The other night I watched HBO’s documentary on the OSU-Michgan rivalry, aptly titled: “The Rivalry

This was an excellently made film with lots of input from major figures from both sides.

It’s definitely a must see for college football fans and would be a good one for many sports aficionados to watch. It’s also a good thing to show anyone who doesn’t quite grasp why many Ohioans act the way they do during (College) Football season.

Definitely worth watching.

Tropic Thunder

Just saw Tropic Thunder at the theater and loved it.

I haven’t had that good of a laugh in quite some time. It’s funny on the surface leve. However, as someone who has seen more than his fair share of both Vietnam and shlocky B-Movies, this movie was even funnier!

Now if only one were to see a theater where the audience talks back at the screen….that would really be great.

Tech support and Insurance Companies

Survey: Users unhappy with PC Call centers
Yeah, tech support calls can be rather painful, but the worst in my mind have to be insurance companies.

That being said, some companies are better than others.  Some of them have really annoying IVR (interactive voice response) systems.  Others, the CSRs are really just  not helpful (to put it mildly).

But if the outsourcing of tech support is a problem–what about insurance companies that have outsourced
their call centers?  (No, names won’t be disclosed here)

Granted, my perspective comes from the standpoint of a provider rather than a member.

Input is welcome