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Beware of equations?

Michael Barrone penned an editiorial column which starts out with the words: “Beware of geeks bearing formulas”

The column goes on to use the formulas used by “quants”, (which helped lead to the subprime problem) as a warning against using such equations to predict climate change and health care policy.

For the latter, I’m not quite sure how one could really use a formula to shape/modulate health care policy. Sure, one can do some epidemiological modeling, but besides that, what use does a forumla have? (Unless this is a discussion of figuring out how to interpret the Medicare fee-schedule…which is a whole different headache).

Does this mean increased usage of formulas like the CMS hospital rating scale? (The silly nature of the scale is another discussion).

Using modeling and equations have thei place, as one tool in a toolbox, but should not be relied upon exclusively.

Treif Hot Dog Scandal!

The Post’s coverstory today is titled “Frank Incensed” and is about a Kosher eatery in Brooklyn caught serving unkosher hot dogs.

Interestinly enough, according to the Post, here’s how the discovery was made:

The Torah tussle began when a longtime patron noticed the unusually plump wiener he bought Monday night at Cheskel’s Shawarma King in Borough Park didn’t fit into a challah roll as usual.

Quite a sense of observation on the patron’s part.

It was after the discovery that things got a bit crazy, and of couse there’s video of what happened next.

However, there appears to be more to the story than what the Post reported. Two Jewish blogs, Voz Iz Neias and Yeshiva World News have much more on the story.

The whole treif food in a Kosher eatery scenario reminds me of something that took place a long time ago (this is 10+ years ago–so there’s probably nothing online) back in Cleveland. There was a Kosher chinese restaurant on Taylor Road that at one point was caught purchasing either non-Kosher meat (or was it fish?) from a company. Needless to say, the restaurant soon shut its doors for good.

Fat as fuel

No, not necessarily in the sense of a ketogenic of fat-adapted diet.

Rather, a Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon used fat from liposuction patients to fuel his vehicle!

Granted, there’s a bit of illegality involved here (it’s probably illegal to use human medical waste in such a way). What is interesting though, is the mention that some of the major meat/poultry providers are looking to use the extra shmaltz from their plants to fuel their (truck) fleets. Sound pretty cool.

NYC To build a Medical Mart?

In what would be a potential head-on competition with Cleveland, there’s talk that NYC may be constructing a Medical Mart

Now, should NYC construct one, than Cleveland really shouldn’t bother. Although, Cleveland (or rather Cuyahoga Country) recently raised its sales tax to fund such a project.

No news from any NYC papers (yet) on the idea of constructing a Medical Mart here, but there are some major questions that stand out.

First off, where will it be located? Second, who is going to pay for it? (Hint: The City and State don’t have the funds).
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