“ask google”

Conversation with my mother:

Me: “So the sister burnt some sugar the other night while preparing some candied orange peels. How can I get the burnt sticky mess out of the pot?”

The Mom: “Honesly, google it!”

Me: “Oh….I thought you’d have an idea. Maybe Grandma will know”.

Googling this did give the suggestion of boiling hydrogen peroxide (aside: which is an extremely dumb if not dangerous idea!)

Buckeyes Beat Badgers

WOw….what a finish there was to the OSU-Wisconsin game last night!

While it’s a bit disheartening to see the OSU defense start to fall apart late, Still what a finish for the Scarlet and Gray!

It brought back memories of the ’97 Rose Bowl game in which then OSU QB Germaine led an unexpected game winning drive with little time left. [Aside, the ’97 Rose Bowl was a classic in and of itself).

Though OSU still needs to develop a passing game at some point–it appears that the Woody Hayes style of play is working.

Arguments with the vendor

Suffice it to say, I’m anything but a fan of the EMR system we utilize at the office.

Besides the simple fact that the software doesn’t really fit our practice (it was implemented before I cam aboard)–what really kills me is the poor support.

For example today I sent in a form to enroll for Electronic Remittance Advice. I get a response from the vendor, telling me that the clearinghouse which their software uses doesn’t offer ERAs. Funny, but I’ve used the same clearinghouse elsewhere and get ERAs just fine….

It’ll keep me occupied tomorrow….

Seen in the fridge

The sister got some sort of gift or promotional samples of some organic vegetable/fruit juice blends.

[Personally, I'd rather eat my veggies and fruits in solid form]

Being curious, I perused the ingredients. The recurring theme on them all was the appearance of “Alkalized Water”

Now being a science person, it’s known that the pH of water is neutral–7.0

[Yes, I know that tap water may not be exactly at 7.0, but we're not talking about a chemistry or molecular biology lab here!]

Thus, one can only wonder, what make’s “alkalized water” more alkaline? How do they magically ad more hydroxyl (-OH) groups to water?


The Little Brother was in-town over this past weekend.

If I’ve not mentioned it before, the Brother constantly seeks two things: food and attention. (Mostly the latter).

When he’s here it’s a full-time job for me to be on top of (and then some!)

The brother got to have an NY experience this time around, including visits to museums, a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, subway rides (trains are his “thing”) and seeing “Blue Man Group” last night.

Of course, for me it meant a lot more work and having to share my room with a snorer! However, isn’t that what older brothers are for?

Occupy ____ Movement

Is it just me, or are others struggling to make sense of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement?

It’s obvious that the protestors are not fans of bankers, hedge funds or other forms of investors. Though their end goal or solution to the problem seems to be non-existent. That is unless anyone else out there knows something more….

Ill Timed Illness

Yom Kippur has come and gone for another year.

Fasting itself wasn’t as difficult as anticipated or as it was in years past.

Alas, I awoke Thursday morning with what seemed to be the makings of a upper respiratory infection (allergies?) Going into the holiday was thus less than pleasant with a mild case of laryngitis. But I survived. Just a case of bad timing.

I’m feeling better now though..and it’s time to prepare and shift my focus to the next chag!

Busy busy busy

Since I was out last week for the Holiday, I’ve got a lot of work to catch up on. It doesn’t help that the Month ended at the same time (since that usually means more work anyway).

Rejected Academic Ideas

The sister is a graduate student in “food Studies”. So at the expense of this topic, during the weekend, The Father and I traded ideas about possible academic topics in said field.

My idea was “An examination of why one’s mother’s chicken soup always tastes better than their child’s–observations in a Jewish Household”.

Sadly, no one seemed to like that idea too much. Though the upside was getting to have Grandma’s chicken soup for Rosh Hashanah (which as even my mom will admit, is better than hers)

Evim şahane ile hem siz hem eviniz yenilensin

Bu dekorasyon program? ile hem eviniz hem siz yenileneceksiniz evim şahane olsun diyor ve bunun için bir çözüm bulam?yorsan?z b?rak?n bunu sizin yerinize biz yapal?m evim ?ahane diye bilin sizde herekeze. evinizi k?skan?lacak güzelde şahane yapal?m.

Evinizin dekorasyonunu de?i?tirmek mi istiyorsunuz?
Manevi de?eri olan mobilyalar?n?z çok eskidi ama vazgeçemiyor musunuz?

Dekorasyon modas?n? takip edemediniz mi?
Dert etmeyin!

Evim ?ahane Mimar?’n?n tavsiyeleriyle en do?ru karar? alacak, evinizin mimar? siz olacaks?n?z.

Aile fertlerinizi birkaç günlü?üne evden uzakla?t?r?n, döndüklerinde bamba?ka bir evle kar??la?s?nlar…

Salon, yatak odas?, oturma odas?, çocuk odas?, bebek odas?, mutfak, banyo, antre, bahçe, balkon fark etmez.

De?i?ime haz?rsan?z, Evim ?ahane’nin alan?nda ba?ar?l? projelere imza atan Mimar? Selim Yuhay, Türkiye’nin en yetenekli usta ekibi ve Evim ?ahane TIR’? hayallerinizi gerçekle?tirmek için kap?n?z? çal?yor….

De?i?im yap?lacak odan?z?n zemini parke mi olmal?, hal? m??
Ya duvarlar?

Boya m? seversiniz, duvar ka??d? m??
“Kartonpiyerden s?k?ld?m” deyin, k?ral?m…
Amerikan mutfak isteyin, mutfa??n?z? salonla birle?tirelim…

Ömrünü tamamlayan mobilyalar?n?z? ah?ab?ndan dö?emesine yenileyelim, aileniz eve döndü?ünde gözlerine inanamas?n…

K?sacas? hayal edin, gerçekle?tirelim.

??e evinin dekorasyonundan memnun olmayan ev sahibini yak?ndan tan?yarak ba?layan Mimar Selim Yuhay, ev sahibinin hayallerini, zevk ve tercihlerini ö?rendikten sonra yeni tasar?m için bir yol haritas?, bütçe ve al??veri? listesi ç?kar?yor.

Ard?ndan büyük de?i?im ba?l?yor.

Evin ba?tan yarat?lacak odas?ndaki e?yalar bo?alt?l?rken, eski mobilyalar yepyeni bir görünüme kavu?mak için h?zl?ca “Evim ?ahane” atölyesine gönderiliyor… Ev sahibi ise al??veri?e ç?k?p al?nmas? gereken malzemeleri ve zevkine uygun, ??k aksesuarlar? tamaml?yor…


Evim ?ahane TIR’?, içinde birbirinden farkl? dekorasyon ürünleri malzemeleri, teknolojileri ve Türkiye’nin en h?zl? marangoz, boyac?, dö?emeci ve elektrikçisinden olu?an usta ekibi ile de?i?im boyunca hizmetinizde olacak.

Evim ?ahane’de her gün bir mucizeye tan?k olurken, bir yandan da evlerde yap?lan dekorasyon yanl??lar?n?, dekorasyon dünyas?ndaki yenilikleri, eski e?yalar?n yeniden de?erlendirilmesi gibi pratik çözümleri de ö?renme f?rsat? bulacaks?n?z…

De?i?ime haz?rsan?z…

Evim ?ahane, hafta içi her gün 14:30′da Kanal D’de…

Kat?l?m formu için tiklayiniz.

Kaynak : http://www.evimsahanemobilya.com

Not psychic

Anyone else have the experience at work where others expect you to know things…that until you’re put on the spot you have no idea about?

It’s as if one is supposed to be psychic or something…

Now were I to be psychic, I wouldn’t be so surprised that the Browns have started 2-1!

Working from home

The Company finally decided to implement a CRM (only took 3 months of me suggesting it…)

Alas, I now have to teach everyone how to use said CRM–and alas, it’s not like I have much if any experience in marketing or sales.

So it’s documentation reading night here….sigh…

Helmet Share?

Word is Mayor Bloomberg wants to roll out a NYC bike share program for 2012.

It sounds fine in theory…but what is to prevent people from stealing the bikes?

Also–if there’s a bike share program, will there be a complementary bike helmet share program?
(This is what you get when you’re around Neurologists too often)