Busy busy busy

Since I was out last week for the Holiday, I’ve got a lot of work to catch up on. It doesn’t help that the Month ended at the same time (since that usually means more work anyway).

Rejected Academic Ideas

The sister is a graduate student in “food Studies”. So at the expense of this topic, during the weekend, The Father and I traded ideas about possible academic topics in said field.

My idea was “An examination of why one’s mother’s chicken soup always tastes better than their child’s–observations in a Jewish Household”.

Sadly, no one seemed to like that idea too much. Though the upside was getting to have Grandma’s chicken soup for Rosh Hashanah (which as even my mom will admit, is better than hers)

Evim şahane ile hem siz hem eviniz yenilensin

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Evinizin dekorasyonunu de?i?tirmek mi istiyorsunuz?
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Dekorasyon modas?n? takip edemediniz mi?
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Boya m? seversiniz, duvar ka??d? m??
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Ard?ndan büyük de?i?im ba?l?yor.

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De?i?ime haz?rsan?z…

Evim ?ahane, hafta içi her gün 14:30’da Kanal D’de…

Kat?l?m formu için tiklayiniz.

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From Quamran to the Web

This sounds really neat

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dead sea scrolls online

Not psychic

Anyone else have

the experience at work where others expect you to know things…that until you’re put on the spot you have no idea about?

It’s as if one is supposed to be psychic or something…

Now were I to be psychic, I wouldn’t be so

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surprised that the Browns have started 2-1!

Tonight’s research topic

Ambulatory Payment Classifications for Medicare! I guess it’s better than reading technical

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documentation or performing an audit like I did today. (The latter I would definitely not do again!)

Working from home

The Company finally decided to implement a CRM (only took 3 months of me suggesting it…)

Alas, I now have to teach everyone how to use said CRM–and alas, it’s not like I have much if any experience in marketing or sales.

So it’s documentation reading night here….sigh…

Helmet Share?

Word is Mayor Bloomberg wants to roll out a NYC bike share program for 2012.

It sounds fine in theory…but what is to prevent people from stealing the bikes?

Also–if there’s a bike share program, will there be a complementary bike helmet

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share program?
(This is what you get when you’re around Neurologists too often)

Sheshbesh Scare

Suspicious behavior on a flight turns out to

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be backgammon playing Israelis…

Debates and Speeches…

No plans on my part to watch tonight’s “GOP Primary Debate”…nor do I have any plans to watch the President’s “jobs speech” tomorrow.

In my humble, and cynical opinion, both events are going to compete in terms of the volumes of hot air they produce.

I’d rather spend my time reading than listening to this nonsense.

Laboring on Labor Day

Didn’t feel like doing much today. Don’t know why.

Spent the time working on a Revenue Cycle Management project I have. Tedious? Indeed it was. Yet, I found a lot of revenue at the same time so it wasn’t a complete loss.

Oh well….back to the regular job tomorrow, and it’s going to be a busy one.

Wedding Weekend

What a weekend it was.

Left Friday to Penn Station to get a train down to Philly for my cousin’s Aufruf.

While waiting for the train to board (around 2pm) the Sister and I get a text message–the wedding which had been scheduled for Sunday is now postponed to Monday night. Good thing I packed an extra pair of clothes!
(We later found out that the caterer had cancelled because of the weather forecast)

Get to Philly after a very, very crowded train to Trenton–and to the destination. Get to shul, have dinner, etc.

Get to shul on Shabbos, then after davening–the rain begins. Luckilly, the shul has an abundance of ponchos for everyone! Hooray! Had lunch and more speeches from the Cousin’s friends.

Motzei shabbos we head up to the Middle of NJ (where the hotel is). We’re driving through the outer bands of the hurricane now. Not fun–nor was it fun to be scrunched in the van surrounded by who knows how much luggage! Get to the hotel and find a place to eat (I was hungry).

The hurricane comes and goes overnight–the bark was much worse than the bite!

Sunday is a cloudy to sunny day. Most places near the hotel are closed and apparently a bunch of the roads are out. A cousin and the sister went out to get coffee and donuts, and it took them an hour to go back and forth down a 1 mile road! (The coffee was cold–double boo). Nor was anything open and I was starved.

Sunday night the Groom and Family arrive at the hotel and we all decide to go do something. We head over to a nearby bowling alley–and despite the fact that the staff is in there–they close the place and waive our party of 15 away!
[What else were we to do?!?!?!?]

Monday comes, and it’s a beautiful day (go figure). Some roads are still flooded. The wedding took place in the evening and the chuppah was held outdoors. It was really pretty. We all felt bad for the couple as we knew they had to get a new Ketubah and all the benchers and pamphlets had the previous day’s date. Though in the end all that matters is that they’re now a happily married couple-and my grandmother was very, very happy which is the most important thing.

Monday night though after the wedding there was a problem with The Sister and my transport home (car service) and to compound the problem the Sister had a bit too much to drink at the wedding…

All in all though it was an adventure–but one with a happy ending.

Philly Bound

I’m scheduled to head down to Philly for an Aufruf followed by

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a traverse to NJ for a wedding.

Thing is, the chuppah was originally planned to take place outdoors. however due to Irene, I doubt that’ll be taking place

I can only hope to be able to make it back into the City Sunday night or Monday…we’ll see


So apparently there was an East Coast Earthquake today.

It was odd.-at the office (on the ground floor)–no one felt anything. Nor did anyone know that an earthquake had taken place, had people not started calling/texting us that something took place.

Perhaps that’s for

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the better?

Bizarre Comment

This blog received a very bizarre comment this past week.

The substance isn’t important, but what the commenter did was post a (supposed) personal address of phone number of an individual with whom they were angry.

Sorry–but that comment won’t be published on my blog. Out of simple respect for the individual being mentioned, it would be wrong for me to share any of their personal info online. It’s just the wrong thing to do.

That said, I won’t publish people’s home addresses or phone numbers here.

Otherwise occupied

Been a bit tied up with things as of late. Traveled home last weekend to visit with family and have been working more than one job. Keeps me busy.

Should get back to posting sometime soon.

Tied up

Been tied up with some consulting work and an injury that makes using a PC a bit uncomfy.

Still gathering my thoughts….